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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Google Partners and Adwords

There are people that are trying to sell website or make them for basically free and then have people pay for SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Even if I do not host, design or provide other services, I am willing to talk to you about this. These options are very expensive and there is a lot...
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Creative Ideas

Stone Web Development has many creative ideas, but we also realize that the business owner may have just as many. Sitting down with the customer is one of the many services we provide. Being your web partner is your business grows is very important to us.  We will continue to visit with you as long...
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Hosting Services

Our hosting package is $20/mo but includes our SEO package and maintenance package. We actually found that this helps the small to medium sized business control their website costs, yet allows them to have the same benefits of having a website person available upon their request! ...
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