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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization allows your business to be found on the web under your key terms. Already knowing your business name isn't going to help new customers find your business. For example, if your a mover, dentist, chiropractor or plumber you want people to find you under those words. Find out today how your website ranks under key words.

Initial Setup of SEO
Initial SEO setup requires changing your website underneath what your customers see. We also run ranking reports and add you to over 80 search engines. After the initial setup we also run ranking reports and analysis reports to verify that your website is actively showing up under your keywords.

Ongoing SEO Reporting
Keeping your SEO up to date keeps your rankings high on the search engines. Did you know that there are over 80 search engines that keep track of your website? All of these use different aspects of your website to put you on any given page. We maintain these and send you interval reports, so you know your website is still working for your business!

Ranking Reports
We can run an initial ranking report for your website to show you where your site ranks on the top search engines for a small fee. After some research you can then determine if you would like to use our SEO services to keep your site up to date on those search engines.

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