Grievance Procedure

Communication is crucial to any successful program. We expect players and parents to communicate effectively with questions or concerns in an appropriate fashion. There are several ways to communicate: i.e. phone or email. The following rules will apply to players and their parents:

  •       The player should talk to their coach in person about any questions or problems.
  •       Please talk calmly to your coach the following day.
  •       Do not approach a coach during a competition, or when other players or parents are present.
  •       If the situation cannot be handled immediately please email the Director and set at time to meet.

To better serve the club, coaches, and players, the space below is to be used when an issue arises. It enables thoughts to be organized and for the club to clearly understand what the situation is. We thank you for your concern and will do the best we can to promptly address that which you have indicated below.

Email or mail this portion to the club director:

What seems to be the problem or concern?

Do you have a recommended solution to the problem? If so, what is it?

Your contact information:

Name: ________________________________

Day Phone: ______________________Evening Phone: _____________


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