Tryout & Offer Process

Each year we evaluate a large number of athletes during tryouts, and every athlete is evaluated every year. Each athlete must come to the tryouts ready to compete for a place on one of our teams. An athlete with a limiting physical or medical condition should contact the club prior to tryouts. Players should never assume because they are on a team one year they will automatically make a team the following year. Each year athlete’s skills improve and each year the pool of athletes to choose from will change. Some athletes have extensive playing experience while others do not. Athletes go through a physical evaluation; coaches evaluate their potential as well as their position. We base our selections on what the athletes do during the tryout period and what we perceive their potential to be.

All players of the same age group will be evaluated by several members of the club staff. Even if these coaches aren’t standing directly on the court, there are people watching for skills along with leadership and communication capabilities from each athlete. The tryout is set up as a mock practice and/or scrimmage allowing the players to show their best abilities and what they bring to the sport of volleyball. The tryout period is not to be taken lightly.


All offers to play for J County Flair will be made via email or phone calls. A second tryout may be scheduled and invitations will be given to those who may be in question for a spot especially to change positions or in the case of an athlete who can play different positions. Upon a second tryout, an offer may be made in person, phone or via email and then all rules apply to the second commitment date. We follow the Badger Region commitment policy when offering a spot on our team.


Offer: an “offer” is defined as a statement made by the Club Director or designee offering a position on the roster of one of their club’s teams. This offer can be the result of a tryout or an invitation to join.

Commitment: a “commitment” is a verb al and/or written acceptance of an offer by a player or parent to the Club Director or coach.

Formal acceptance of an offer is determined by when the player selects their chosen club in Webpoint.  Once a player knows what her choices are, she is encouraged to make their decision as quickly as possible. This is a courtesy to other athletes who are waiting for offers and clubs that are attempting to solidify their team rosters.

In the case of a second tryout, J County Flair, its Director, and its coaches need to have a decision by the first regular practice in order to stay on schedule with the Badger Region.

A club may withdraw an offer based on the following criteria:

  • Paperwork falsified or not turned in.
  • Membership not paid by potential club or Badger Region.
  • Offer not accepted by the time and date of the commitment policy.

After you have received an offer and have decided to commit, the official acceptance policy is to log into Webpoint ( and select the club from the dropdown menu. (On the left side, click “My Information” and then the far left tab titled “Main Info.” You’ll see a drop-down menu with “Undecided” in it. Choose the selected club from that list.). Please be sure to talk about this decision as a family as once this decision is made, it is for the entire season.


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