Team Practices

J County Flair will be practicing at Jefferson High School located at 700 W. Milwaukee St, Jefferson

Mandatory Team Practice

Sundays (Times will be determined based on court availability)

Scrimmage play practice available

Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.



Only IMPACT- certified adults with current USAV memberships and properly background checked club volleyball personnel are allowed to provide instruction and have on-court contact with players during practice or tournaments.

Parents are allowed to attend practice if they so choose, however, parents are not allowed to “shag” balls during practices or tournaments unless they are registered with USAV/Badger Region. We expect players; parents and coaches to keep this facility clean while we use it.Players are asked to turn their cell phones off during practice.

Practices will be held every Wednesday and Sunday and at the gym and will be conducted by the team’s coach and/or assistant coach. Practices will last two hours and will include basic and advanced volleyball techniques and scrimmage time. YOUR TEAM’S CALENDAR IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY POINT DURING THE SEASON.  Changes will be made on the website and via email, so please be sure to check both of these points prior to practice.

Scheduled practice time is start time. Please arrive early enough to be dressed and completely ready for practice by designated start time.  If any athlete cannot be at practice, the athlete is expected to contact their coach. It is the athlete’s responsibility to reach the coach before the practice starts. If unable to attend due to a previous commitment, let your coach know at least a week in advance.

All athletes are expected to attend every practice. Wednesday night practice may be excused for religious activities, please let us know at the beginning of the season. Regardless of the reason, if an athlete misses practices, playing time may decrease and roles may be reviewed. Club dues will not be refunded for missing practices.

Parents are reminded to pick your child up timely at the end of practice.


Please be aware that J County Flair may have to cancel practice at the last minute due to weather, coach emergency or scheduling conflicts.

If schools are closed or school events are cancelled, so are our practices. If the morning/afternoon forecast calls for bad weather late in the day, keep an eye on your email.  Players are encouraged to use their best judgment when attempting to travel to practice. The safety of the athlete and their family is our first concern and priority. If you will not be making practice due to weather, please contact your coach ASAP..

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