Team Tournaments


J County Flair will work to make the most competitive schedule possible with the athletes on each team. Tournaments are RARELY, if ever, cancelled because of weather but may be cancelled due to lack of entries. If we decide that the safety of the participants is at risk, a recommendation will be made not to attend. However, we will NOT be refunded for this fee, hence; the participants will not be refunded either.

Each tournament format is determined by the organization hosting the event. Tournament hosts will provide actual day of scheduling details no later than the Wednesday prior to the tournament date. This will be either emailed out or posted on their website. The Director will send you this information as soon as we receive it.  Plan on being at the tournament early in the morning and remain there all day long. Teams do one of three things at a tournament: play, officiate, or rest. Tournaments can run ahead of schedule or (more often) behind schedule. Please be prepared. Please also be aware that there could be additional charges for spectator entry and/or parking, and many facilities have rules regarding outside food and beverage. We as a team/club may be penalized for breaking these rules..

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