Score Keeping


All players are expected to help officiate in one of these capacities:

  • Line judge
  • Scorekeeper (visual or paper)
  • Libero tracker
  • Down refereeing

Training will be provided to all club members prior to the first tournament to be able to do each of these positions, and online tools are also available to help you learn. NO PLAYER IS EXEMPT FROM OFFICIATING DUTIES!

It is also important to note that oftentimes when you lose your last match of the day, you will be expected to officiate the next match. NO PLAYER MAY LEAVE THE TOURNAMENT IN ADVNCE OF THE ENTIRE TEAM, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY ARE ASSIGNED AN OFFICIATING DUTY OR NOT. Under certain extreme circumstances, permission may be granted by the coach for a player to leave early.

No cell phones or electronic devices should be at the scorekeeping tables or used by any player with a refereeing assignment. If seen by the coach, they will be confiscated and turned over to the parent(s). If a parent is not present, the phone or device will be held by the coach until the end of the day..

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